I. Taylor Research
Iris Taylor is an independent researcher and ethnographer. As an ethnographer, her research leads her to seek information about cultures. That may include “culture” in the traditional sense of in-depth study about an ethnic group or it may refer to the study of any kind of sub culture or group of people with common interests or practice. As a researcher of this kind of thing, it is impossible not to be changed by information, by knowledge of other things.

Her primary interest is in the study of eccentricity and she frequently initiates her research through the study of the individual case.

One of the main areas of her recent research has focussed on the Flat Earth Society, historically a society of rather eccentric intellectuals. Some time ago Iris was given an old trunk, found in the crawl space of a house on Fogo Island, Newfoundland. The contents of that trunk led Iris to the research and investigation that essentially transformed her thinking about things she had taken for granted her whole life.